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On April 25, 2022 I’m pointing my truck south from Alaska to head to the Lower 48 to pick up and debut my very own mobile art studio & gallery. This dream and plan has been in the works for years. The concept is simple, but potentially life changing: pack all of my art supplies into a functional, beautifully designed studio and gallery on wheels; take it straight to the landscapes I love to paint the most, and connect with people along the way.

The studio will be a sleek, 19’ Airstream trailer with plenty of light, easel set up, and displays built right in. It will have an awning on the side for outdoor display and hangs and a lovely interior (if the weather’s not cooperating). Originally it was conceived as a Covid-19 adaptation after my brick-and-mortar studio closure in 2020. But the idea snowballed. Now the mobile studio represents a shift in the orientation of my life. It’s a means to not only paint more, but also to have additional geographic mobility. I want to live a life immersed more in the outdoors, tethered less to a laptop/desk. The mobile studio will be set up for painting and retail, but also comes equipped for life on the road: a kitchenette, couch that converts to a bed, and yes, even a teeny-tiny bathroom.

Ever seen one of these? Once you’ve really taken a hard look at the iconic design of an Airstream trailer, it’s impossible to un-see. They start popping up everywhere! The sleek, silver Airstream design is a perfect compliment for my artwork and the places that inspire it. The mobility afforded by having an art studio and gallery on wheels will allow me to immerse myself more directly in spectacular places, and connect with people along the way.

The process of designing and manufacturing the custom Airstream has been, in short, dreamy. I worked with P&S Trailer Service in Ohio who ordered an off-the-assembly-line shell from Airstream, Inc., that they then customized to meet my needs. Design oversight was led by the wonderful Wood + Locks. This first-ever Alli Harvey Art mobile art studio will be complete and ready for pickup in early May!

My brain short-circuits just a little bit when I think about finally bringing the studio online after so much planning and effort. I have a hard time comprehending that it’s finally happening, but I know it will feel incredible to finally venture out into the world with the studio (literally) in tow.

Donate to the Mobile Art Studio & Inaugural Journey

In these final days leading up to Mobile Art Studio pickup, I am accepting contributions to help to fill up my gas tank for the road trip! 

This pickup route is no small feat from Alaska, to the Lower 48, across, and back, at approximately 10,000 miles. I estimate that my bill for fuel overall, including trekking through Canada, assuming gas prices stay high and vary from state to state, highway versus side road miles, and docking significant efficiency for hauling a 4,000 lb trailer, will be about $5,000. This may prove to be a conservative estimate. All donations are welcome and appreciated!

Donate to the Inaugural Journey of the Mobile Art Studio!


Other Ways to Support

Want to contribute but not via a straight-up donation? I get it! Consider investing in original art or merchandise, or finally commissioning that painting. Here are some other ways you can support the mobile art studio:

  1. Follow along on the journey on my blog
  2. Follow me on social media (@aharvart on Facebook and Instagram)
  3. Check out my inaugural studio pickup route here. This isn’t hyper-specific or set in stone, so stay tuned for updates.
  4. Have an idea for an event along the way? Let me know!

This is a huge art and life milestone, and I can’t wait to share it with you and the world. Thank you all for following along and being an essential part of this!

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