Be part of building the Airstream Mobile Art Studio!

All donations are welcome and much appreciated! I’d love to have as many people be part of achieving this goal and celebrating as possible. Donors at the following levels will receive special thank you’s and incentives:

$100 = be part of the build! I’ll send updates, provide exclusive behind-the-scenes content of the design and build process, and stories!

$250 = all of the above, and have a custom message + your name included as part of the permanent Airstream design! You’ll get exclusive updates on pickup and taking the Airstream on the road, including the first glimpse of photos of the finished interior + your message/name in real time!

$1,000 = all of the above, and an original 12”x12” painting from the road – I’ll work with you on a custom commission, or you can pick one of the many places I’ll be traveling through to commission a work specific to that place.

$5,000 = all of the above, plus an upgrade on the commission to $18”x24”, and your pick of any existing painting that is for sale.

$10,000 = all of the above, plus a party at your place anywhere in the Lower 48 or Alaska. Newly minted Airstream Art studio, food and beverage, good tunes and dancing! Be among the first to see and celebrate the studio and invite your friends to join.

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