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On the one hand, January 1st is an arbitrary date. Yet, it’s as good a time as any to take stock and think about the year ahead. 

I created this painting as a touchstone. Folks in Palmer will be familiar with this view from Lazy Mountain – a haul uphill that, as you can see, is anything but lazy. Still, this is one of the most thrilling views out there – the technicolor green foreground signifying that brief and incredible moment of spring in Alaska, with the still-snowy Pioneer Peak looming large above the flat Valley floor. It satisfies my brain to see that green is, indeed, out there in our future; and this is a reminder that I can both climb mountains one step at a time AND appreciate the view and the difficulty all along the way.

This is a limited edition print run for those who would also like a visual reminder and encouragement for your resolutions for the coming year. Or, as a gift for someone in your life that is resolving to do something big. Choose full size for your desk or wall, or wallet size to carry around with you as a reminder to keep on enjoying the view even as you take step by step up the mountain you are going to summit this year.

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