The Alli Harvey Art Mobile Studio

Artist + Mobile Art Studio on official pickup day in May 2022!

The Story:

In April of 2022, I pointed my truck south from Alaska to head to the Lower 48 to pick up and debut my very own mobile art studio & gallery.

The dream and plan had been in the works for years. Originally conceived as a Covid-19 adaptation after my brick-and-mortar studio closure in 2020, the idea snowballed. The mobile studio came to represent a shift in the orientation of my life. I wanted to paint more, of course. But I also wanted geographic mobility. I want to live a life immersed more in the outdoors. The idea was to pack all of my art supplies into a functional, beautifully designed studio and gallery on wheels; take it straight to the landscapes I love to paint the most, and connect with people along the way.

The Studio:

The Alli Harvey Art Mobile Studio is quite literally a dream come true. It’s a sleek, 19’ Airstream trailer with plenty of light, easel set up, and displays built right in. It’s set up for painting and retail, but also comes equipped for life on the road: a kitchenette, couch that converts to a bed, and yes, even a teeny-tiny bathroom.

Many, many people helped make this a reality, from friends who encouraged me one rainy early evening drinking wine on their front porch, to my husband who partnered with me every single step of the way, to family, friends, colleagues, designers, builders, and heck – new acquaintances I met who helped me (safely) unhitch at my very first campsite. I cannot count the ways that it has been incredibly meaningful for me to not only have this become a reality, but how it happened with so many people supporting me and this in innumerable ways – and how it continues to grow!

Of course, a picture is worth all of these words. Here are several:


I update events on the main page of my site. Check it out for upcoming Open Studio and other events!

The Build:

Interested in Airstreams, or just in learning more about how this worked? Check out the fantastic builder I worked with, P&S Trailer Service in Ohio. They ordered an off-the-assembly-line shell from Airstream, Inc., that they then customized to meet my needs. Design was led by the incredible Wood + Locks, whose vision translated seamlessly into reality.

Make a Donation:

Interested in supporting the mobile studio? There are many ways to do that – top of mind is, consider purchasing an original painting or commissioning one! But I also accept donations directly toward the mobile studio. Gas prices are high, and even more so when hauling a 4,000 lb trailer. All donations are welcome and appreciated!

Donate to the Alli Harvey Art Mobile Studio!


Thank you all for following along and being an essential part of this!

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