Are you thinking about commissioning a piece? It’s easy. Let’s walk through what you need to know.

Examples of commissioned pieces. These live all across the U.S.!

The basics:

  1. You’ll send me a note saying you’re interested in a commission by filling out the form below. Tell me any of the following information: what size range are you interested in? Is it a gift? What’s your ideal timeline for completion?
  2. I’ll email or call you back as soon as I can. I’ll ask you for a photo reference (some clients provide me a spread and I choose what I think would make a great painting!). We’ll get clear on the painting and timeline.
  3. I’ll send you a written agreement detailing the commission description, painting schedule, pricing, and payment timeline. You pay 50% of the agreed upon price upon initiating the commission (I accept check, cash, Venmo, or credit card).
  4. I’ll get to painting, send you periodic updates so you can see the work in progress, and then – voila! Your commission is done. I deliver or ship to you (included with your commission).


  • Tiny acrylic on canvas paintings (up to 8″x10″) start at $350.
  • Standard sized acrylic on canvas paintings (starting at 12″x12″) start at $500.
  • Custom projects are priced out accordingly.

Pricing is negotiated per piece, because no two paintings are alike. Generally commissions run between $3-3.50/square inch. The cost includes all materials and varies depending on painting size and complexity. All packing/shipping is included.

Bear in mind:

I don’t do portraits, except silhouettes (trust me). I’ll paint structures, although they are tricky because of sooo many straight lines so I will price accordingly. I’ll even do the occasional dog. But if we’re being real, my best work is (surprise) landscapes.

Interested in talking? Let’s start there. Fill out the form below.

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