Art For Your Home on Wheels

Love the open road? Me too! I specialize in bringing your most vivid and special memories to life through paintings small enough to hang in your RV, trailer, van, or other tiny mobile abode. (Want a full-size commission from your adventures for your brick and mortar home? I do those too). These tiny paintings come with custom mounting designed specifically to hang safely and securely in your rig, even when out on the open road.



The process of commissioning an original, custom piece of art is easy, fun, accessible, and affordable; whether you’re a first timer or a long time art aficionado. Bringing everyday awe to each of us is my passion and speciality, and demystifying the commission process is essential to that.

How It Works:

  1. Pick out your photo! Comb through all of the good memories and scenes from your many travels. Pick one that stands out for you. 
  2. Measure your space and decide on size from the following options canvas size options: 5″x7″, 6″x6″, or 8″x10″. None of these work? Let me know and we’ll talk!
  3. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started. Or, simply text me at Alli Harvey Art at (907) 390-9983 with your name, photo reference, and commission size. From there, I’ll be in touch to discuss your commission.
  4. I’ll send you a written agreement detailing the commission description, painting schedule, pricing (based on the below fee schedule), and payment timeline. You pay 50% of the agreed upon price upon initiating the commission (I accept check, cash, Venmo, or credit card).
  5. I’ll get to painting, send you periodic updates so you can see the work in progress, and then – voila! Your commission is done. I deliver or ship to you (included with your commission). 


  • 5″x7″ or 6″x6″ acrylic on canvas paintings start at $350.
  • 8″x10″ acrylic on canvas paintings start at $400
  • Custom projects are priced out accordingly.

Pricing is negotiated per piece, because no two paintings are alike. There is a minimum of $350 for all commission work to appropriately cover the time and focus involved in creating an original custom piece. The cost includes all materials and varies depending on painting size and complexity. All packing/shipping is included.


This all depends on demand and complexity of the piece! I can turn paintings around in as little as three days, or it could be months. This will be worked out as part of the contracting process detailed above. I am fastidious with my commitments and I say “yes” to what I am able to follow through on, adjusting as necessary with full communication and transparency.

Bear in mind:

I don’t do portraits, except silhouettes (trust me). I’ll paint structures, although they are tricky because of sooo many straight lines so I will price accordingly. I’ll even do the occasional dog. But if we’re being real, my best work is (surprise) landscapes. 

I also work exclusively from a photo reference. I’ve provided the option to upload multiple photos so you can include supplementary images to help me understand the primary reference (lighting, color, context) but if you upload more than one photo tell me which one you would like me to use for the painting.

Interested in talking? Let’s start there. Fill out the form below!

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Thank you! I’ll be in touch as soon as I’m able and look forward to working with you.