I did a podcast!

Okay, you caught me: this is not actually a blog post.

But it’s LIKE a blog post – just an audio version!

Amidst the wilderness that is the Internet and especially the world of podcasts, there is now an hour+ of me gabbing. I talk about what originally got me into painting, the profound impact outgrowing my asthma at the same time as I happened to land at the Sudbury Valley School had on me, learning to love hiking up hills and being outdoors, the story behind/evolution of the Mobile Art Studio, and more.

You can stream this in full wherever you are from here.

A huge thank you to co-hosts Steve Dudrow and Linda Harris for the opportunity to share some background, stories, and debts of gratitude that I’ve wanted to talk about for a long time. It was a spacious and roaming conversation where I had time to breathe and think, deliberate in what I wanted to say without feeling any sense of pressure. I can’t wait to visit the Mesquite Fine Arts Center next time I’m in that other favorite corner of the world of mine, wild Nevada.

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