My Mission: Ignite a sense of connection, awe, and access to ourselves and the everyday wild world around us through painting and writing, to inspire joy and purpose in the world.

Artist Bio: Alli Harvey creates realistic and colorful acrylic on canvas paintings from her studio in Palmer, Alaska. Drawing from photographs that didn’t quite cut it, and everyday scenes that can feel tired until carefully painted, she aims to bring vibrancy into the world we experience every day by calling attention to vividness, detail, and beauty.  Alli’s paintings often feature small, familiar forms (people, tents, boats, planes) against a vast landscape to demonstrate scale.

Paintings are typically sized in the neighborhood of 18″x24″; but bigger pieces are available for larger spaces.

Clients include private collectors, small businesses and firms, galleries, homeowners, holiday shoppers, travelers, and outdoors enthusiasts. Alli’s other favorite part of the world is the desert, frequently featured in her paintings. Commissions are available.

For original paintings, check out the Gallery. If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please send me a message. Prints, greeting cards, and other assorted merchandise is also available.

Contact me to make an appointment!

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