Values are what guide my presence as an artist, and give me both a decision making framework and language for what I do and where I invest my energy as a business. They will almost inevitably change over time – just like I do. 

The three major values of Alli Harvey Art are awe, dignity, and doing. Here’s more about what those mean:


What it is: Evoking “a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.”

Why it’s important: The awareness of bigness, life, and beauty in the world is a fundamental aspect of being human. I believe life’s too short to stay focused only on survival. Every living person deserves consistent access to awe. Alli Harvey Art aims to access and tap into everyday awe, share it, and help create conditions that both preserve opportunities for awe, and support people in routinely experiencing it.

Examples of this value in action: Creating vivid, evocative original paintings that help deepen my/your experience of the world by focusing on everyday awe. Partnering with and donating to organizations that protect and promote nature, in its many forms. Partnering with and donating to organizations that fight for human rights and quality of life, particularly for those who are underrepresented or oppressed. Providing a range of original pieces, commission options, and products at varying, accessible price points.


What it is: “The right of a person to be valued and respected for their own sake, and to be treated ethically.”

Why it’s important: Every person has intrinsic value and deserves to be treated with respect. I get to decide how I engage and operate in the world; others get to do the same. I will not fully (or even a little!) always understand perspectives that are different than mine – and I don’t need to. I believe others’ experiences and beliefs about the world are as true to them as mine are to me. Alli Harvey Art preserves my/my businesses’ dignity, while also learning and respecting others’ perspectives, needs, and requests.

Examples of this value in action: Pricing artwork in a way that values and honors my time. Maintaining professionalism, including personal boundaries. Communicating thoughtfully and thoroughly. Maintaining a willingness to negotiate or say no. Contracting, to ensure shared understanding, agreement, and commitment to scope of special projects or commissions. Learning about perspectives and needs in the world other than my own. Contributing to organizations whose fundamental values I share, but whose decisions/impact are guided by perspectives other than my own. Believing people.


What it is: Taking action. Progress over perfection.

Why it’s important: I have a tendency toward analysis paralysis, but if painting has taught me anything it’s how important it is to find and maintain a sense of flow and simply be in the moment as I move forward. Alli Harvey Art’s value of doing is about finding steps that align with Alli Harvey Art goals and values, and taking them.

Examples of this value in action: Consistently painting. Trying new things. Writing. Shifting and experimenting how the business side of Alli Harvey Art runs. Maintaining a willingness to make mistakes and course-correct as needed. Making contributions to causes aligned with Alli Harvey Art’s values. Partnering with organizations and other artists. Supporting other small businesses. Making connections with people. Exploring new ideas. Learning new skills.

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